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Foto Nakal Nikita Willy, Nikita Willy Mulai Berani

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Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy is currently busy with a new soap opera titled promo Olga MR. When encountered in Dahsyat RCTI in revealing in this soap opera she becomes the main character who must not speak Betawi.

"It's me again promo Powerful drama Olga MR. I'm very pleased given the opportunity to maen comedy. Therefore there is the challenge. Emang bit difficult at first just thank God I could have taken it," she said when met at the RCTI Studio Powerful Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Wednesday (11 / 8).

In this sitcom acting Nikita Willy collided with Olga Syahputra, Nani Wijaya, Jaja Miharja and Cut Memey. According to the challenge in this soap opera is that he should become the Betawi dialect, accent and while she bled minang.

"I finished the Betawi, the difficulty here. I must be learning the same lessons as Cut Memey Olga," he said.

Niki received a bid of this sitcom because they want something new and challenging.

"I want to try a few areas, soap opera drama that so I've often want to try at comedy," explained the artist was born in Jakarta.

During the month of fasting Nikita Willy remain active with his activities, she will not reduce its activity. Sh also did not forget to spend ngabuburit with family or friends.

Nikita Willy selalu kebagian peran protagonis yang lemah dan gampang menangis. Bosan dengan peran itu, bintang sinetron Putri Yang Ditukar ini ingin diberi adegan action.

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